El Touristo Perro

Levee dog with found Costa Rican graffiti

Now that two girls and one pup have safely and happily returned to their home and native land, it’s time to take a few moments to reflect on the trials and tribulations of travel… and in this case: Dog travel.

Yes, Jen brought her walking partner traveling with us.  And it was the best time ever.

Over 6 months ago, Levee and Jen crossed the American frontera, jumped on a plane in Seattle, flew to Houston and then onto the Costa Rican City of Liberia to meet up with Erin and embark onwards into adventure. The essential info of the flight was that we used Continental Airlines, Levee flew cargo and he was roughly 12 hours in his kennel. It was awful but we arrived alive and he forgot about it 5 minutes after we got off the plane.

Latin America is a very different place for dogs. Namely, there are dogs everywhere. Beach dogs run around and flirt with tourists all day, same goes for the inland street dogs. There are also lots of pregnant dogs running around and usually they would chase Levee away. No one ever asked me where my leash was so that was a nice change.

Beach dog, often mistaken for a tico dog

We were very often asked along the way “Isn’t it difficult to travel with your dog?”  The truth of it is that there is not much more we would have done if Levee was not with us. We still went surfing, hiked canyons to hidden waterfalls, hitch-hiked half the country and partied at night. After escaping from the park ranger’s van… twice… Levee even quietly watched a mother turtle give birth with us, and he was there a month later in Nicaragua, when we helped release the new baby tortugas into the ocean.

LD was also great when meeting chicks

Speaking of Nicaragua, once you are in a Latin American country, your dog will need a passport to cross the borders into neighboring countries. You get these by going to the Veterinarian (there) with the documents you brought from Canada which includes an International Health Certificate and proof of Rabies and other required vaccinations. A bit of work is required, but in this case, it was worth it.   Here are a few reasons why:

Tourist shots will just look THAT much cooler

Making new friends is easy

Multiple subjects, multiple cameras

You always have someone to take care of that annoying fried pork they try to slip into your delicious meal of yucca and fried cabbage in a banana leaf

To make the situation even a little bit more colorful

And when you’re feeling lost in el pais de las maravilles

An old friend to help you find your way out

Some bad things happened.

This is a tick. muy malo.

Borders were pushed.

Levee is not usually that into water

Good friends were made

Levito’s amigo en La Fortuna, se llama “Salchichon”

and we learned a little more about communication.

El Parque en La Fortuna, No inglés aqui

And so to close this epic adventura that is Two Girls One Pup, we encourage everyone to lose the leash and take a trip with their favorite four legged friend, whether it be across the continent or merely down to Pirate Island for an all night dance party with your favorite amigos. Todo Bien. Happy to be back.


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Jungle Foray

Jen was lucky enough to spot all* of these featured animals, insectos and plant species while spending time in the Children´s Eternal Rainforest, *except the illusive Marmot. But no hay falla, these things have a way of coming full circle.


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life in the clouds//la vida en las nubes

TwoGirlsOnePup takes on life in the clouds (la vida en las nubes) for some time in Costa Rica. We are always open to new opportunities, new folks and friends, and driving up the long, mountainous roads of adventure at 3 in the morning after epic soaks in volcanic thermal hotsprings. If you do these sorts of things, you may find yourself in a place called The Children’s Eternal Rainforest (El Bosque Eterno de Los Niños).

Finca Permacultura

This place is truely magestic. Surrounded by the thick, tropical cloudforest jungle and a vast array of exotic flora and fauna – this place is thriving with life and energies. In the morning we watch the Toucans fly from treetop to treetop from the children’s swing, and the “R2D2” bird makes its unearthly drip/drop/bleeeop! sounds for us to enjoy all through the afternoon. The Birds. There are so many of them. Something like 425 species just in this small mountainous area! So although far from civilization, there is no shortage of white noise in this forest.


Jen makes her home in the organic garden, and marvels when the Squash seedlings she planted sprout a leaf the next day. She almost cries. Everything imaginable takes root and grows here. We eat straight from the garden and the local fruit and vegetable stands.

the breakfast of breakfasts (or maybe this is brunch)


And then there are the bugs, insectos, those buzzing, flying critters…. moths, morpho butterflies, and beetles the size of small mice. At dusk, the forest twinkles with fireflies and the toads make their way into the house and poop on the floor.

cacao plant

There are plants. That grow these yellow things…. that when sucked, soaked, dried and roasted, produce CHOCOLATE.

This is paradise. Obviously.

jen prancing around in a heavy rainstorm

And the rain! Our home is Vancouver which is notorious for its rain. But, this is no Vancouver rain. When it rains in a cloudforest, it pours. Its comes down heavy, fast and hard – the cloud envelops the land and feels like it is going to drown all life. And then the cloud passes, the rain stops, and everything is just glistening green again.

Muchas Gracias//Much Gratitude to our friends Jake and Sam for inviting us to stay at Finca Permacultura. There are no words for this place…


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to flow, to drift

a fluir, la deriva, vivir como la naturaleza (to flow, to drift, to live as nature) estudios de la palabra y el objetos (studies of words and found objects)

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Levee’s Pics

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Jen’s Piks

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Erin’s Picks

Erin checkin' out the view of the Pacific at Mike's place in Bajamar Hills

the sunset of all sunsets in Jaco

ThreeGirlsOnePup caught in a snowstorm in Centro America (crazy weather, eh?)

Lev, Erin and Jen (Crystal lagging behind, camera in hand), enroute to cross an estuary and sneak into a national park (oops) to go watch the sun set, wave dive and hear the monkeys howl.

we weren't supposed to be here. 🙂

Crystal, Erin and Lev chillin' at a rad viewpoint with adventure car. its about 40 degrees outside of an air-conditioned car. (in case you were wondering)

vantage of said caliente viewpoint... aaaahhhhh. those colours are so calming.

Erin checks out mysterious footprints on the beach. This obviously looks like it was something cute.

Arenal Volcano, impossible to see the top on most days so we hung out in the natural hot springs for 8 hours (?) instead.

My favorite picture of Jen (in the back of our friend's truck) in the Children's Rainforest. She certainly looks happy.

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